Areas of Expertise

INITIATIK has significant expertise in industry sectors that concentrate a number of geopolitical, economic, social, and environmental issues, including energy, mining, and agribusiness. Through numerous projects carried out in Europe, West Asia (Armenia), Africa (Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique, South Africa), Middle East (Lebanon), and Latin America (Brazil), this expertise is complemented by an in-depth understanding of the specific issues facing each continent or country and an advanced methodology for analyzing the impact of ongoing geopolitical changes on risks and opportunities for businesses.


Ministry of Environnement & Biodiversity Protection of Armenia – Yerevan, ARMENIA

Design and implementation of stakeholder engagement methodology for the Ministry of Environment

  • Stakeholders mapping
  • Identification of key environmental issues: Impact of cyanide use on water resources and local population health, Impact of the mining project on tourism and local economy, Compliance of the project with Armenian environmental law and protection standards.
  • Implementation of stakeholders dialogues
  • Support to the Ministry’s communication team

Oil/ Chemicals

Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Mining of Mauritania (MPEM) / WORLD BANK – Nouakchott, MAURITANIA

Support to institutional capacity and regulatory framework enforcement in the context of gas project development

  • Audit of institutional capacities and regulatory framework
  • Design of monitoring and reporting framework

Development of international and national communication strategy and stakeholder engagement processes

  • Development of international and national communication strategy and stakeholder mobilization approaches
  • Design of international and national communication action plans
  • Development of stakeholder engagement approaches at national and local community level

Ministry of Energy – Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA) / EUROPEAN UNION – Beyrouth, LEBANON

Design and implementation of communication and stakeholder engagement strategies in the context of offshore oil exploration and production

  • Mapping of processes and activities related to offshore oil exploration and production
    • Development of stakeholder communication plan and online communication strategy
    • Deployment of stakeholders dialogues

ExxonMobil Corporation – Brussels, BELGIUM & Paris, FRANCE

Advocacy & Government Relations

  • Management of government relations and lobbying in the context of the development of REACH – Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals – a European Union regulation adopted to better protect human health and the environment against risks related to chemicals while promoting the competitiveness of the EU chemical industry.

Crisis Management

  • Permanent member of the Europe/Africa/Middle East crisis team- Key interventions: France, UK, Cyprus, Portugal, Sicily, Cameroon, Chad
  • Management of the legionella crisis at Noroxo chemical plant (Harnes, France)
  • Management of the sinking of the chemical tanker Ievoli Sun (Cherbourg, France)

Stakeholders Dialogue

  • Implementation of the 1st NGO Dialogue in Europe between the ExxonMobil Corporation management and major NGOs in Brussels (Greenpeace, WWF, Transparency International, Human Rights Watch).


DOUX Group – EUROPE (France, Germany, Spain)/ BRAZIL

Crisis Management

  • Management of the judicial recovery of the Group in collaboration with the Judicial Administrator
  • Management of the avian flu crisis
  • Development of the crisis management manual and procedures in Europe and Brazil
  • Training of all managers in Europe and Brazil in crisis communication

Financial risks management

Design and implementation of a High Yield Operation :

  • Rating process (Fitch, Moody’s,Standard & Poor’s),
    • Financial Road-show (USA/Europe).

SNVECO – Syndicate of independent veterinarians specialized in animal productions – FRANCE

Consultation on the theme “Roles and economic model of the veterinarian tomorrow in light of the challenges related to antibiotic resistance and animal welfare”

  • Implementation of a two-year consultation that brought together more than 60 stakeholders from upstream to downstream of the Pork and Poultry sectors in France – Industry and production groups of the Poultry & Pork sectors, Large distribution, Feed manufacturers, Selectors, Transformers/Slaughters, Research institutes, Experts, Scientists, Associations, NGOs – to work together to find solutions and implement pilot projects on the issues of animal welfare and antibiotic use in livestock farming.
    • Implementation of a post-consultation think-tank : This consultation is now continuing through a think-tank called EMERAUDE, which keeps this dialogue with stakeholders alive.

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