Stakeholder Dialogue, a tool for better cooperation

Stakeholder dialogue is a reference tool in order to find solutions on complex issues involving multiple players.

INITIATIK strives to develop an original approach to stakeholder dialogue through a structured methodology and a conviction: stakeholder dialogue is a reference tool for bringing together multiple stakeholders around a topic that concerns them all, and that cannot be addressed or solved by any single one of them, but requires the cooperation of all.

A strategic tool for analyzing risks & opportunities

The proposed stakeholder sdialogue methodology aims to build material for discussion to ensure a structured exchange to find a consensus on possible solutions to address an issue. This leads to a strategic discussion on the strategies and actions to be considered tomorrow in order to solve a problem.

This methodology is intended to improve decision-making performance, for a decision that is both fairer and more relevant, and easier to implement.

INITIATIK supports its clients throughout the consultation process, from the preliminary identification of issues to the deployment of the stakeholders dialogue.

1 / Design of collaborative approaches

  • Issues mapping
  • Stakeholders mapping
  • Development of material for discussion

2 / Implementation of Stakeholders Dialogue & Consultation processes

  • Development of consultation methodologies (one-to-one, participatory workshops, multi-stakeholder conventions, etc.)
  • Deployment

3 / Feedback & Follow-up on Stakeholders Dialogue/ Consultation processes

  • Summary of stakeholder dialogue/ consultation meetings outcome
  • Feedback to all stakeholders
  • Implementation of processes for monitoring stakeholder dialogue/ consultation over time.