Cooperating to accelerate transitions

For any organization, the ability to anticipate risks and opportunities 5 or 10 years in advance and integrate them into their business model today is a key element of sustainable development. In this perspective, stakeholder dialogue is the 4th pillar of sustainable development. It is a key element for developing effective cooperation strategies to accelerate the transition towards sustainable models.

Cooperation is a pillar of sustainability

Companies are challenged by multiple and complex issues in a multi-stakeholder world. To navigate the current global geopolitics, the company must adopt specific cooperation strategies depending on where it operates and the risks and opportunities it faces.

INITIATIK offers to support companies in structuring and deploying tailor-made cooperation strategies to facilitate the adaptation of their business model to new challenges and to promote the transition towards sustainable models.

Cooperation practices

Cooperation practices are a response to a number of contemporary geopolitical, economic, social, and environmental transformations and issues (sovereignty, competitiveness, climate change, human rights, etc.).

They allow, in particular, to improve decision-making through a specific collaborative process and to strengthen project acceptability.

Collaborative approaches and stakeholder dialogue make it possible to structure relevant and comprehensive risk and opportunity analyses, develop a solid approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and strengthen the sustainability of companies’ business models.