Issue Management

The Issue Management processis intended to be the cornerstone of the overall risk management strategy of the company. It allows the development of a comprehensive corpus of key messages supported by evidences on all of the company’s key issues.

In addition to its purpose of ensuring alignment of all stakeholders in the company, it ensures that the actions taken by the company, both internally and externally, are known and understood by all, and consistent with the framework of ambitions set by the company.

INITIATIK has developed a specific methodology for Issue Management that enhances management of all key or sensitive issues of the company and ensures consistency of information and communication wherever the company operates, taking into account local specificities if needed.

Objectives of the Issue Management

  • A tool to enhance internal alignment within the company
  • A tool to manage sensitive issues that impact the operations and reputation of the company

 Principles of the Issue Management

  • Centralize and synthesize sensitive issues related to the development of the company’s activities
  • Share the current situation and actions taken
  • Define key messages and actions vis-à-vis external stakeholders
  • Agree on their progress and level of sensitivity