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    Companies are today political and geopolitical players and are expected to move to a broader approach of there usefulness vis-à-vis all their stakeholders, in particular in the context of their right to operate.

    • INITIATIK : Global Advisor on Risk Management & Cooperation Strategies

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      INITIATIK has significant expertise in industry sectors that concentrate a number of geopolitical, economic, social, and environmental issues, including energy, mining, and agribusiness.

      • Areas of Expertise

      • Mining

      • Ministry of Environnement & Biodiversity Protection of Armenia – Yerevan, ARMENIA
      • Oil/ Chemicals

      • Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Mining of Mauritania (MPEM) / WORLD BANK – Nouakchott, MAURITANIA
      • Ministry of Energy – Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA) / EUROPEAN UNION – Beyrouth, LEBANON
      • ExxonMobil Corporation – Brussels, BELGIUM & Paris, FRANCE
      • Agribusiness

      • DOUX Group – EUROPE (France, Germany, Spain)/ BRAZIL
      • SNVECO – Syndicate of independent veterinarians specialized in animal productions – FRANCE
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        If you wish to discuss the support of INITIATIK, contact us at the following email address : marine.champon@initiatik.fr

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          INITIATIK supports companies and governements in the evolution of their strategies and governance in order to be able to face the geopolitical, economical, social and environmental challenges.

          • A systemic approach to risk management

          • The political and geopolitical dimension at the heart of risk & opportunities analysis

          • The concept of usefulness

          • Cooperating with all stakeholders

          • Rethinking shareholder capitalism

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            • Risk Management

              The proposed risk management process is based on a prospective risk mapping methodology that includes geopolitical scenarios.

              • Risk Management

              • Cooperation & Sustainability

                The ability to anticipate risks and opportunities 5 or 10 years in advance and integrate them into their business model today is the foundation of sustainable and lasting development.

                • Cooperating to accelerate transitions

                • Cooperation is a pillar of sustainability
                • Cooperation practices
                • Crisis Management

                  INITIATIK provides companies with an international expertise of 20 years in crisis management within major energy, agri-food, and healthcare groups in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America.

                  • Crisis Management

                  • Issue Management

                    The Issue Management process is intended to be the cornerstone of the overall risk management strategy of the company.

                    • Issue Management

                    • Objectives of the Issue Management
                    •  Principles of the Issue Management
                    • Risks Mapping

                      The methodology developed by INITIATIK combines a materiality analysis with a prospective analysis of geopolitical risks.

                      • A prospective risk mapping

                      • A prospective methodology of risk analysis
                      • Stakeholders Dialogue

                        Stakeholder dialogue is a reference tool for promoting the search for solutions on complex issues involving multiple actors.

                        • Stakeholder Dialogue, a tool for better cooperation

                        • A strategic tool for analyzing risks & opportunities
                        • 1 / Design of collaborative approaches
                        • 2 / Implementation of Stakeholders Dialogue & Consultation processes
                        • 3 / Feedback & Follow-up on Stakeholders Dialogue/ Consultation processes
                      • Strategic Issues

                        Companies must build a systemic analysis of risks and opportunities related to their strategic issues to demonstrate and maintain their license to operate.

                        • Strategic Issues

                        • A multi-polar & multi-players world

                        • Rethinking the geopolitical role of companies

                        • “The Taboo Breaking Decisions”

                        • Companies & Geopolitics

                          The relevance of the evolution of its business model towards a more sustainable model depends on the quality of its analyses and forecasts.

                          • Companies must fully invest in their political & geopolitical roles

                          • Companies & Usefulness

                            The company of tomorrow will have to demonstrate its utility, even more than its responsibility.

                            • Utility, a key concept for moving companies towards a sustainanble model

                            • The multiplication of expectations towards companies
                            • Rehtinking the relationship between companies and Society : from supplier to active player
                            • From absolute value to shared value
                        • News & Podcasts

                          Find our replay on our podcast channel and all our recent news and publications around geopolitical issues.

                          • Category: COP Review

                            A look back at the various geostrategic decisions for the environment taken during the COPs

                            • Back to multilateralism ?

                              With last COP and Peace Forum, we are witnessing the return of a key concept : cooperation.

                              • Back to multilateralism ?
                              • “We are witnessing the return of a key concept : cooperation.”
                            • Le Greenwashing à l’index

                              While the UN report has the merit of outlining a clear and radical path, while also advocating for simplified indicators, it does not really address the question of governance and management.

                              • Greenwashing under scrutinity
                              • “While the UN report has the merit of outlining a clear and radical path, while also advocating for simplified indicators, it does not really address the question of governance and management.”
                            • COP27 will be African or will not be

                              The “loss and damage” dossier is the key element of this COP, as developing countries are hit hardest by the consequences of climate change mainly caused by industrialized countries.

                              • COP27 will be African or will not be
                              • “The debate on ‘loss and damage’ cannot be dissociated from another debate : the debate on a sustainable development model.”
                          • Category: News

                            Keep up to date with the latest news by following INITIATIK’s publications

                            • To understand geopolitics, you need to read novels

                              Diving into literature is often the side step that changes everything in our outlook and our understanding of geopolitics.

                              • To understand geopolitics, you have to read novels
                            • The geopolitical lesson of Josep Borrell

                              We must begin to do things that we have never done in the past, test solutions that have never been considered.

                              • The gepolitic lesson of Josep Borrell
                              • THE WHAT QUESTION
                              • THE MESSY POLARITY
                              • THE HOW QUESTION
                              • THE TABOO BREAKING DECISIONS
                            • UN calling

                              What if the UN’s goal was not only to mobilize states but also businesses, as both parts of the problem and the solution?

                              • UN calling
                              • “Could businesses become not just geopolitical players but also part of the UN system?”
                            • From one globalization to the other : Lost in translation

                              Failing to achieve “happy globalization,” why not be more ambitious and try to achieve “balanced interdependence”?

                              • From one globalization to the other : Lost in translation
                              • Does the observation of the time still hold true today?

                              • “One thing is certain, no player in the global economy can decipher globalization and its mechanisms alone.”
                            • Diplomacy, a special mission

                              French diplomacy should not only be preserved, but above all strengthened in its missions, particularly with regard to companies.

                              • Diplomacy, a special mission
                              • “The role of our embassies is key to support the development of companies abroad. And it must be rethought and strengthened.”
                            • Who benefits from profits ?

                              Instead of limiting the debate to the opportunity or not of taxation, why not engage in a broader reflection on a new way of directing profits?

                              • A qui profitent les profits ?
                              • “The real issue is to know what and who profits are useful for.”
                            • Beyond Responsability : companies as useful players?

                              It is through global cooperation to satisfy essential needs and through shared value that the company will assert its usefulness for society.

                              • Beyond Responsability : companies as useful players ?
                              • “It is through global cooperation to satisfy essential needs and through shared value that the company will assert its usefulness for society.”
                            • Towards a company “foreign policy”?

                              Companies have a “geopolitical footprint” and will need to develop a real “foreign policy,” similar to what states do.

                              • The Economic Actor in the Face of Geopolitical Disruptions: Role, Reaction, and Engagement?
                              • The Company in the Face of the Use of Economic Measures in Geopolitics
                              • Towards a Foreign Policy of Businesses?
                              • Sovereignty & the Role of Businesses: Mastering Interdependence
                              • What is the relationship between CSR and companies’ foreign policy?