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To understand geopolitics, you need to read novels

To understand geopolitics, you have to read novels If immersing yourself in a tourist guide or a history manual is often the first reflex to understan…

Back to multilateralism ?

Journal d’une COP#3 Back to multilateralism ? We thought it had fallen into the forgotten pages of history, swept away by the global geopolitica…

The geopolitical lesson of Josep Borrell

The gepolitic lesson of Josep Borrell There are speeches that are key, not only for their content but also for their lucidity and scope. This is certa…

UN calling

UN calling The UN’s official promise is “Peace, dignity and equality on a healthy planet.” Its organization is that of a global foru…


Towards a company “foreign policy”?
Marine CHAMPON, CEO & Founder of INITIATIK

Towards a company "foreign policy" ?
Following the on-line conference "DialogueMR21" with Sylvie MATELLY, Deputy Director of IRIS - Institute of International & Strategical Relations, please find hereafter the full article edited by Marine CHAMPON, Founder & CEO of INITIATIK

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MR21 Report “Rethinking Stakeholder Relations” – Marine Champon, Founder & CEO of INITIATIK and Patrick d’Humières, Academic Director of the Master Class 21, Professor at Sciences Po (Sustainable Business Models), in collaboration with the MR21 Community


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